about our obgyn practice Longmont, CO
Our highly trained staff here at Centennial Women's Health Center, is well equipped to provide you with the highest level of professional gynecological care. We are certified to treat a variety of conditions and will customize a treatment plan to be tailored to your individual needs and preferences.

We know going to the doctor isn’t always convenient or fun, but our friendly staff will do their best to find an appointment that works for you and make your experience as comfortable as possible. For more information or to request an appointment, contact us today at (303) 651-2800.

M. Therese Barrett, MD

M. Therese Barrett, MD is a gynecologist at Centennial Women’s Health Center in Longmont, Colorado. Dr. Barrett treats patients for a wide variety of conditions and illnesses including incontinence, endometriosis, uterine fibroids, menopause, and many others. She offers hysterectomy, MonaLisa Touch®, pap smears, birth control, and much more. Dr. Barrett has been a practicing physician for 30+ years, and her decades of experience give her the knowledge and skills required to handle virtually any gynecological need that her patients may have.

Dr. Barrett attended medical school at the University of South Dakota, which she then followed with a residency at Ramsey Medical Center. She is currently affiliated with Longmont United Hospital, allowing her to serve her patients both in office and when they’re hospitalized.

Dr. Barrett loves working with her patients and strives to help each patient feel truly comfortable and welcomed. Contact Centennial Women’s Health Center anytime to arrange an appointment with Dr. Barrett.